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Free educational app for teachers and students

Diksha is a free educational platform with valuable materials and tools for teachers and extensive learning options for students. Diksha provides a unique digital infrastructure that can be highly scalable, with additional content and topics introduced later - an initiative developed by the Indian Government

Students can use Diksha to review lessons and challenge themselves with quizzes and exercises. Alternatively, teachers gain access to worksheets, lesson plans, and activities to make classes better. Users will find Google Classroom and Udemy to provide similar learning experiences. 

What to expect from Diksha

Diksha is an exclusive Android app that requires devices to be running OS 5.1 and up to function. It is regularly updated and requires 17 MB of free space to download. Expect to accept multiple permissions from the app as it requires access to photos, media, files, and more to be used. Similarly, users will need to create a profile using their name, email, and account password, including a one-time password to gain access.

The app requires you to select a preferred language and whether if you're a student or a teacher; this ensures that you gain access to the most relevant content. Both students and teachers can explore interactive learning materials created by teachers and content creators alike. Users can also browse for learning topics using the app's search function to find what they need quickly.

Even more conveniently, the app allows users to store and share content offline, meaning that once you have accessed the content, you no longer need an internet connection to open the content again.

How can teachers benefit from Diksha?

Teachers can rejoice as their lessons plans are made more manageable, or even better, find lessons already created with the support of Diksha. Users that identify themselves as teachers gain a wide range of helpful class planning materials from worksheets to activities and everything in between.

Class activities can be used for different teaching methods designed to engage students more. Teachers have everything at their disposal to use to offer students the best lessons, all while expanding their horizons on how they can teach differently.

Finally, teachers can leverage the built-in course functionality Diksha has to offer for themselves and further expand their teaching capabilities and personal skillset. Diksha also provides certificates and badges for each completed course for further incentive to progress.

How can Students benefit from Diksha?

Diksha offers information and learning material on various topics that students might not have access to from schools. For example, users can scan QR codes in their textbooks to find associated lessons on the app. Often included are additional context or expanded material in the textbook to offer further reading and learning opportunities.

Lesson reviews help students understand how well they're performing, and give them insight into where improvements are needed, and what information they need to learn deeper. With the immediate feedback from Diksha, students feel more confident in their answers and excited to find the right ones when they answer a question wrong.

Technical Issues

Diksha provides ample opportunities for teachers and students to grow, but it isn't without its problems. Unfortunately, many users have shown displeasure with the app's inability to function correctly, with numerous reports about its buggy interface and lack of response.

Poor accessibility can quickly become frustrating as some videos aren't able to play. Similarly, pages often take minutes to load, and when they do, are subject to the app crashing. To add to these problems, on occasion courses also suffer from failing to mark as complete, meaning you can't see a summary of what you have or haven't completed. 

Education needing refinement

Diksha is an app with great initiative, taking on the challenge of providing substantial learning materials for students and teachers. While commendable, the functionality of the app needs more improvements. However, credit is given to the developers as the app is consistently updated with bugs and fixes.

Students will have substantial support and access to a significant array of topics when the app works, which is invaluable for their education. On the same note, teachers can save substantial time creating and crafting lessons by leveraging the app's features.


  • Wide selection of interactive learning materials
  • Caters to both teachers and students
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Poor accessibility
  • Video's are often unavailable
  • Frequent crashes

Program available in other languages

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